Do Peptides Really Work In Our Top Skin Care Products?

One of the main ingredients in the Power Trio at YNS Cosmeceutical Skincare is peptides. If you’re not familiar with peptides or top skin care products, don’t worry, our blog will go over what this ingredient is and how they can impact top skin care products. At YNS Cosmeceutical Skincare, each of the products we’ve created have peptides as well as other active ingredients to help reduce the signs of aging on your face. From targeting puffy under eye bags to the loss of elasticity in your face, our top skin care products will give you that youthful look back. Take the time to learn more information on a Consultation or our products.

What Are Peptides?

Peptides are ingredients that help target areas of aging on your face. Essentially, peptides are little bits of protein that are made up of amino acids. These amino acids are like messengers that tell our skin to create more collagen, which depletes with age, declining health and environmental factors. Collagen is the scaffold that gives strength and elasticity to our skin. Gram-for-gram, some types of the long strands called fibrils are stronger than steel. When collagen thins, fine lines, wrinkles and skin laxity develop. Peptides in skin care products help to manage wrinkles in our skin and reverse signs of aging. Our faces look younger as collagen is re-built and the thickening of collagen makes facial appearance more youthful. Our Power Trio is rich in peptides that’ll give back your skin the youthful plumpness and glow healthy women under 30 enjoy naturally.

Are Peptides In Our Products?

Now that you know what peptides are, let’s address the question that started this blog: Do peptides skin care products really work? In addition, are they in our top skin care products? By answering one of these questions, we’ll be answering both. Yes, there are peptides in our products and they really do work when applied correctly. In fact, we’ve compiled a list of results that show how well these peptides work. We have endorsements from dermatologists that vouch that our products with peptides will stimulate improvements in the skin.


Radiance contains 28.5 percent of peptides in a complex of five peptides which have the ability to penetrate the skin deeply to do the most good as they trigger the dermis into creating new collagen. Facial lines and wrinkles diminish and the skin begins to look more youthful. The reversal of facial aging becomes more apparent with continued use.

Infusion 02

This anti-aging cream is especially formulated to target signs of aging around the eyes. Infusion 02 contains four different peptides that decrease wrinkles in the delicate eye area and treat under eye bags to reverse a tired look into a fresh appearance.


Lastly, Cell-Tight has peptides that have combined with other anti-aging ingredients. The peptides and anti-aging ingredients that make up this serum work to decrease the number of fine lines and wrinkles. Cell-Tight tightens the skin around the eyes and creates a more elastic skin.

The Power Trio is a clinically developed advanced anti-aging skin care line. Peptides are active in all of our products as they are essential to restoring a facial skin that glows with youth. Take the time to Shop Our Value Sets to find the right combination for you.