How to Combat Dry Winter Skin

You’ve been using YNS top skin care products for a while now and you love the results. Skin is smooth and plump. Sunspots are fading. Your skin looks healthier and clearer than it has in a long time.  Why does it suddenly begin to feel dry?  Let’s just put it out there:  Winter is no friend to our skin.  Cold temps, low humidity and dry indoor air all conspire to give our skin that dry, sometimes itchy feeling. So, while you should continue your anti-aging regimen, also add a little more hydration to combat winter dryness. Infusion 02 delivers powerful hydration and oxygen to your skin. Apply it at night, when cells are in an intense renewal mode, and before long you should see that rosy, healthful glow return.

Benefits of Infusion 02 During Colder Weather

Powerful ingredients in Infusion 02 combat the harsh effects of colder weather.  Most of us notice a lack of moisture in our skin, in extreme cases redness, itching, and flaking. Some simple changes to our regular skin care regimen and use of top skin care products will produce good results.  Basic to restoring healthy skin is gentle exfoliation. We recommend Cell-Tight because it is formulated for every skin type. Exfoliation makes our skin super-receptive to absorption of Perfluorodecalin, a powerful ingredient in Infusion 02.  Perfluorodecalin delivers increased oxygen and hydration to the cells to off-set the loss of humectants.

How Often Should I Use Infusion 02?

If you’re suffering from winter skin or as a preventative, use Infusion 02 daily. You may want to replace Cell-Tight under the eyes with Infusion 02 in the morning. Use Infusion 02 all over the face at night after application of Cell-Tight. Adjust your program until you see good results or call us for more advice.

Call for a Consultation To Customize Your Power Trio

If you have questions or want to get the most out of our top skin care products always feel free to call us 866-649-5448. Enjoy your soft, beautiful skin! And continue to use your top skin care products from YNS. With The Power Trio, you’ll have plump, bright, ageless skin.