Preparing Your Skin For Winter

Fall is finally here and soon enough we’ll be facing the bitter wind, snowy weather, and dropping temperatures. Winter brings with it a need to protect ourselves from the cold. We don’t just mean bundling up in your favorite sweaters either. We are referring to protecting your skin for the brisk winds and weather. While you may be a person who lives in a warmer place, that doesn’t mean you can escape from the cool weather. In addition, regardless of your age, it’s important to protect your skin from the elements outside. This means wrapping your face up with scarves, wearing gloves, covering your ears, and most especially, caring for your skin. Thankfully, with our top skin care products, we’re able to provide some protection against the cold weather. In How Top Skin Care Products Can Help In Cold Weather, we covered some of the ways our products can be essential to helping your skin. Now, we’ll be exploring some tips and tricks to prepare your skin for cold weather.

Tips For Preparing Your Skin For Winter

Even though we’re in the cooler months, the cold weather will begin to ramp up quickly. By taking the proper precautions early on, you’ll find that your skin doesn’t feel as dry and painful as it generally does around this time of the year. If you’re on the older side, then taking the initiative with your skin is in your favor, especially if you want youthful skin.

Rejuvenate It

The first tip to preparing your skin for the cold months is to rejuvenate it and that’s exactly what our top skin care products are made for. Each of our three products can offer you a little something different when it comes to rejuvenating your skin. Cell-Tight will reduce your wrinkles and brighten and plump the skin. Infusion 02 is a cream that will reduce the appearance of bags under your eyes. Lastly, Radiance will brighten your skin and increase the collagen.

Moisturize With Cream

What is exceptionally important to do in the winter is to moisturize your skin. It’s very important to do so since your skin becomes so dry and needs hydration. Using cream will allow your skin to have a protective barrier against the hard conditions outside. Lotion is a great option too; however, cream is heavier on the skin and will do a better job of protecting it against the extreme temperature changes. Two of the creams we have, Infusion 02 and Radiance, will add a richer element when you moisturize.

Drink Water

You might not want to fill up on cold water while it’s freezing outside, but drinking a lot of water will provide hydration for your skin. You should drink a lot of water anyway, but in cold weather, it’s even more important. Good skin care can sometimes start internally and that means hydrating a lot. If you don’t drink a lot of water, then you might notice dry, flaky skin that looks dull in color. By boosting your hydration with water and even herbal teas if you need something warm, you’ll notice your skin looks healthier and less dry.

The cold seasons are coming and it’s best to be prepared. For more information about skin care and how our products can help you, continue to read our blog.