Top Skin Care Products and Losing Weight

It’s time to panic.

The first day of summer is nearly here and you still need to shed a few pounds before you can wear that bikini or swimsuit with pride. If you want to look your absolute best at the beach this summer, you need to get your bikini body back. There is no time to waste.

YNS Cosmeceutical Skincare offers top skin care products that increase skin plumpness, lighten age spots and improve skin texture, but gaining a bikini body is something you need to do on your own. Here are a few tips to get your bikini body back after a long winter.

Reduce Stress

When trying to lose weight, it helps if you aren’t stressed out about things. For instance, it’s not good if you are stressing out about what you will look like in your bikini this summer.

You will lose that extra weight quicker and easier if you find positive ways to reduce your stress. Yoga can help.

Eat Better

This seems rather obvious, but people still need to be reminded that diet matters.

Over the winter, you may have picked up a few bad eating habits. We get it, it happens to the best of us. It all started back in November, when the temperatures dropped, the days got super short and there was an endless supply of comfort food on the table at every meal.

There is no shame in admitting that you stepped up your food consumption over the winter. Take advantage of the season by scrapping chili, mac and cheese and other comfort foods in favor of more fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Pack Up the Winter Wardrobe

You aren’t doing yourself any favors by wearing bulky winter clothes in a lame attempt to cover your imperfect body. It is time to swap out the sweatpants and sweaters for shorts and a tank top.

At the very least, seeing yourself in shorts and a tank top will motivate you to hit the gym.

Drink More Water

Staying well hydrated is great for your skin, it also helps you lose weight. Drink a large glass of water before a meal and you will eat less.

Skip the Booze

Skipping out on those glasses of wine and margaritas will go a long way in recovering your bikini body. The fact of the matter is that alcoholic beverages add a ton of calories to your diet. One glass of wine can pack as many as 125 calories and one margarita packs a whopping 600 calories.

Coffee in Bed

Studies show that the caffeine in coffee can boost metabolism by as much as 11 percent. Just make sure you take your coffee black.

Eggs for Breakfast

Eating eggs for breakfast has all sorts of benefits, including helping you lose weight. Studies show that replacing a grain-based breakfast with eggs will help you eat fewer calories and lose more weight.

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