The Types Of Foods You Eat That Affect Your Skin

Food surrounds us. From delicious trendy restaurants to fast food, food is a way to reward ourselves, fill the tummy, and find comfort. Additionally, food is one of the first ways that you learn actions and consequences. For example, if you eat a whole sleeve of cookies, then you’re going to get a stomachache and you’re going to gain weight. You could also begin to develop poor skin. What we put into our body shows on the outside by gaining weight as well as how our skin looks. Some foods will make us break out while others will leave us with beautiful, ageless skin. Besides for using top skin care products to make your skin gorgeous, you also need to watch what you put into your body. Even if you have a fast metabolism, it’s important that you take the time to think about what you’re eating before you put it into your body. After all, that can be the difference between drying your skin out and having flawless skin all the time.

Three Types Of Foods You Should Avoid

To give you a good idea of what to avoid, we compiled a list of three types of foods you should subtract from your diet. If you’re on the older side, then you might have already eliminated these foods to ensure your health; however, if you have a sweet tooth it can be very hard to avoid eating sweets for the rest of your life. These three types of foods will give you a good idea of how they are affecting your body and why you might not be getting rid of those dark circles under your eyes when you’re doing everything else right.

Simple Carbohydrates

This category involves refined sugar such as cakes, cookies, soft drinks, and candy. These types of foods will cause your insulin levels to spike and thus inflammation will ripple through your body. Inflammation is bad because it breaks down the elasticity in your skin and the collagen. It disintegrates the fibers in your skin that give it the strength and elasticity it needs. Additionally, sugar attaches to proteins in your body called advanced glycation end product, which results in a washed out and sagging appearance of the skin. Furthermore, it can cause breakouts no matter what age you are.

Salty Foods

Like sugar, salt is found in most things. Salt helps to retain the water in your skin, which makes you appear puffy and bloated. Salt in high doses can also cause breakouts, no matter what age you are. Foods that are processed are loaded with salt and contain chemicals. These high doses or salt and chemicals cause premature aging and inflammation. Additionally, make sure to always check your food labels to see how high the sodium is in each item you’re putting into your body.

High Glycemic Foods

Foods such as cake, white bread, pastas, and corn syrup are loaded with starch and can cause spikes in your blood sugar. These spikes are best to bypass because of the effects on your skin. These foods are best to be avoided for dewy skin and they will wreck hazards on your weight as well. Glycemic causes skin problems that include breaking out, causes issues with those who have rosacea, and will make you look blotchy if you are particularly sensitive to it.

Caring for your skin is a combination of finding the right top skin care products such as Radiance, Cell-Tight, and Infusion 02 as well as balancing your diet. Find out more about caring for your skin, when you read more blog posts.