Decrease Your Wrinkle Depth

There are so many aspects involved in achieving a younger looking YOU. This younger looking you is out there — we guarantee it! And — more importantly — it is achievable in a relatively short amount of time. Achieving younger, new skin typically involves erasing fine lines, improving skin texture, reducing pore size, improving overall skin tone, and, of course, decreasing wrinkle depth.

Many of us begin to notice fine lines in our late 20s and early 30s. We tend to wait to address the effects of aging until we begin to see deepening wrinkles. For many, these deeper wrinkles appear on our foreheads, around our eyes, on our necks, or around our mouths, depending upon a variety of factors. Decreasing wrinkle depth involves addressing collagen synthesis, which is an integral part of achieving younger, new skin.


Promoting collagen synthesis is a relatively simple pursuit — we have created a line of products that work together to achieve younger, new skin, and collagen synthesis is certainly an important aspect of our POWER TRIO.

Contact a YNS skin care expert for a consultation. Give us a call! We can help you achieve the YOU you’ve always dreamed of — the YOU you deserve! We would love to help you decrease the depth of your wrinkles!

2. Use yNs Med Spa’s three product anti-aging skin care system as directed. This system is simple to use and will help you achieve results — achieving collagen synthesis is just one component of this system, and it will result in decreased wrinkle depth.

3. Chart your progress. In order to really see and experience the progress you are making in achieving a younger look, take a photo of yourself every week. This will allow you to compare and contrast wrinkle depth and begin to notice results.

Give us a call! We would love to help you decrease the depth of your wrinkles!