New Season, New You!

Welcome to the Fall season, and whether or not you are ready for it, you have probably seen “Back to School” signs everywhere! Buying school supplies, updating your wardrobe, and preparing for a new season is what the month of August is all about! Here in Southwest Florida, we at yNs Med Spa embrace the continuing heat, even in the midst of the changing season, and we would like to encourage all of our customers and prospective customers to embrace change as well. In light of aging skin, along with the approaching Fall season, we would encourage you to pursue Younger, New Skin this Fall 2021.

Why embrace the new season in this way? Even though you may not be entering a new school year, the Fall season brings with it that sense of newness. It reminds us of a time when we would go back to school and begin fresh. With this season here, embracing a newer, younger you is oh-so-easy. Here are some fabulous ways to embrace a new YOU this season:

1. Try out our Discovery Set. Find out in just two short weeks exactly how our anti-aging skin care system works wonders to create a new you. Just think — if you call us tomorrow, you could experience a new you first hand right around Labor Day weekend!

2. Invest in a Value Sets. Our 30% discount puts YOU in control — select any two products for just $98 or any three products for just $147. Save money this fall, and invest in the new you that you deserve. Use our three product system as directed, and get younger, new skin in 60 days!

3. Peruse the YNS Website as well as the YNS blog for valuable information on taking care of yourself this Fall. We adore our customers, and we provide valuable information on attaining your best self this fall.

Give us a call — we would love to provide you with additional helpful information on pursuing a new you during this new season. Contact us anytime, and get to  know exactly what makes our products so special!