Skin Care Tips


For many of us, our routines are hectic — we are so busy, and adding to our routine can be overwhelming. Just how busy are you? Is your schedule packed to the brim? Do you often find that you put yourself last? As we age, it becomes ever more important to put ourselves first — to take care of who we are in order to pursue overall health, wellness, and beauty during every stage of life.


So, then, as we continue to pursue beauty, even with such busy schedules and harried lives, what are a few ways that we can incorporate anti-aging skin care tips into our routines? What are some easy ways to put ourselves first and take care of our skin throughout our lives, while pursuing internal and external beauty? We would like to present you with just a few of our easy skin care tips today.

1. Protect yourself from the sun. Give yourself permission to purchase a classic, wide-brimmed hat for use on sunny days. Wear SPF 50 sun block on your arms and legs. Wear high quality sun glasses that will protect your eyes from harmful, damaging UV rays. Limit your sun exposure using any means possible, as the rays of the sun break down your skin, speeding up the aging process.

2. Pursue clean eating. Eat a diet filled with fruits and vegetables. As much as possible, cut out processed foods. As you pursue a journey towards health and wellness, give your body the nutrients it needs to stay young and fit. What you put into your body is so important — and it shows on your skin.

3. Drink plenty of water. The amount of water that you drink correlates directly with hydration. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times (if possible, a glass bottle of water), and refill it constantly.

4. Use YNS POWER TRIO as directed. Our three product system is simple — it is easy to use, and it works. With clinical ingredients in high concentrations, it delivers younger, new skin in just minutes a day!

Contact our skin care consultants for more skin care tips and ways to pursue younger, new skin!