The Anti-Aging Power of Peptide Skincare

Benefits of Peptide Skin Care

Are you finding the process of aging inevitable? Looking ten years younger is oh-so-easy when you harness the power of peptides! At YNS Cosmeceutical Skincare, we have created a highly effective peptide based line of products.

What, exactly, is a peptide? And why is it so important in the process of reversing the aging clock? Peptides are short or long chains of amino acids linked by peptide bonds — in short, they are the building blocks of proteins. They have the ability to bind moisture, repair cells, and help the skin rebuild itself. Their properties are well-known for accomplishing the goals of anti-aging — looking younger and achieving beautiful, new skin.

Peptide Skin Care: The Power Trio

  • In this package of peptide skin care products, you’ll receive Radiance, Cell-Tight, and Infusion 02.
  • This peptide skin care trio is formulated to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, tighten, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin.
  • By using peptide skin care products with highly concentrated clinical ingredients, you’ll be able to address the entire spectrum of skin aging.

The Power Trio has three of the best peptide skin care products that are dermatology tested professional skin care products. Radiance is the best peptide wrinkle cream for fine lines and contains five peptides to help reduce signs of aging. Cell-Tight is an anti-aging wrinkle serum that has blends peptides and the next generation retinol encapsulated for controlled release upon contact with the skin allowing applications of vitamin A twice a day without skin irritation to increase the elasticity of your skin and under eye area. Infusion 02 has five peptides to help prevent wrinkles and treat under eye bags. Take advantage of this great offer of peptide skin care products to enhance the look of your skin.

  • This Peptide Power Trio is for all skin types
  • Learn more about Radiance, Cell-Tight, and Infusion 02 below


Anti-aging wrinkle cream complex contains 28.5 percent concentration of five peptides. Matrixyl Synthe’6 to replicate a filler effect to reduce fine lines and wrinkles; SYN-COLL and Platinum-Matrix-em to increase skin elasticity and firmness; neuropeptides Leuphasyl and Argireline for reduction in the depth of wrinkles and hyaluronic acid to provide moisture, plumpness, and suppleness to the skin.


Peptide retinol serum is a 23 percent blend of peptides Serilesine and Platinum Matri-xm to increase skin elasticity, density and skin compactness; Renovage to extend cell life, plump, reduce wrinkles, sun spots, and redness; and the next generation retinol encapsulated for controlled release upon contact with the skin allowing applications of vitamin A twice a day; use directly under eyes to improve skin texture, firm and tighten. Retinol concentrations are formulated at .04 percent for sensitive skin, .15 percent for dry/normal and .2 percent for oily skin types.

Infusion 02

Polypeptide gel is a 38 percent concentration of four peptides SYN-AKE, Inyline, Eyeseryl and Haloxyl to prevent skin wrinkling, treatment of under eye bags, reduction of dark circles, improvement of skin elasticity; and Perfluorodecalin latest anti-aging ingredient clinically proven to increase oxygen levels resulting in ultra skin hydration and the reduction of depth and number of wrinkles.

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